Wednesday, March 16, 2016

16 March 2016

Been awhile so here’s a brief update.  Albeit slowly things are just beginning to move forward again, just as spring buds emerge from our wonderfully wet winter!

At the invitation of Keith Davies of the Greater GV Chamber of Commerce, I spoke for five minutes at their most recent board meeting to let them know about the involvement of the BYLT.  Executive Director Marty Coleman-Hunt continues to build key relationships with city personnel.  She and her staff are preparing for a presentation to the City Council about the Parkway in June.  Hopefully I can leverage my meeting with the Chamber into public awareness contacts with other civic groups in the coming months.  I was well received and Howard Levine added a few encouraging words to my remarks.  Thanks Keith.

Speaking of public awareness, on April 21 and 22 (Earth Day) once again the lower parking lot at the Holiday Inn Express will witness the creek coming into the light of day via the 3rd Annual Wolf Creek Chalk Art Project.  As in prior years I am helping to coordinate this project with Jennifer Scott and Alex Ezzell.  Participating artists are two fourth grade classes from the Grass Valley Charter School and art students from Bitney College Prep High School.  Thanks as always to General Manager Sean Gilleran.  Come by and check it out!

Don Pelton is in communication with NCTV about having the 2014 film “A Creek Runs Through It,” available for viewing via their website.  And of course it remains available on You Tube.

Key components remain the potential acquisition of the corner lot at Idaho-Maryland and Sutton, and the commencement of the new wastewater treatment plant and connecting trail downstream of Glen Jones Park by Newmont Mine.  And of course the BYLT presentation to the Council prepares the way for the first potential action by the City Council since adoption of the Conceptual Plan in 2006.  STAY TUNED!

I’ll keep plugging away and will attend the next meeting of the Bear River Watershed Group on the sixth of April.  At that meeting stakeholders will create collaborative goals and objectives for the Restoration Plan, based on issues identified in the Disturbance Inventory put together at the last meeting.